PRESS RELEASE: Malloy Kosierowski Supports Baker, Toohil-sponsored “Legislative Conduct Review Board”



CLARKS SUMMIT – Today, candidate for Representative to Pennsylvania’s 114th House District, Bridget Malloy Kosierowski, offers her support of an initiative set into motion by Luzerne County lawmakers Senator Lisa Baker and Representative Tarah Toohil.

The independent panel, referred to as a “Legislative Conduct Review Board,” – similar to Pennsylvania’s Judicial Conduct Board – will work to address complaints of unethical behavior involving state lawmakers. 

“Sexual violence cannot be considered the cost of doing business for a woman in politics, business, medicine, or in any other walk of life,” said Malloy Kosierowski. “And unethical behavior must under no circumstance receive safe harbor from justice.”

“I applaud Senator Baker and Representative Toohil for initiating this independent panel. The Board’s admirable objective to take a real and substantive stand against harassment, corruption, and general lawmaker misconduct has my support today and will have my vote when I am elected to represent the men and women of the 114th District.”